Interested in a catalyst that speeds awareness and reach of your Mobile Healthcare solutions and technologies? then contact David Farnes at CATAAlliance today
August 29, 2014

If the answer is yes, then please confirm your interest in being part of a new on-line book or CATAlogue being developed to promote positive uses of mobile technology in the delivery of healthcare in Canada and the global profile of your solutions to customers, prospects and the media.

Mobile Health can be broadly defined as the practice of medicine, inclusive of health, wellness and care, supported by mobile devices.

By weaving together lessons from case studies and innovation, CATAAlliance intends to build a compelling argument in favour of using mobile technology to improve patient outcomes and increase efficiencies in the healthcare system.

A draft version of the new on-line book/CATAlogue can be viewed at: 

To be considered for inclusion in this book of case studies or to provide feedback please contacts CATA’s Mobile Health Lead, David Farnes, at .