Re-Invent the Vehicle Business Model: Opinion-Leaders Converge -- CATA facilitates meeting to probe the "CONNECTED VEHICLE"
August 28, 2008


OTTAWA, August 28, 2008 -- Thought-leaders from the U.S. and Canada will gather in Toronto in late September in an exclusive workshop to analyze both the business and the technology side of the newly emerging world of the "connected vehicle". The meeting will be moderated by Dr. Joachim Taiber, Head of BMW Group's Information Technology Research Centre in Greenville, South Carolina. He says that merging the worlds of Enterprise IT and Vehicle IT will "change the entire Automotive ecosystem. Bringing IT services to an "always on" vehicle requires a new supply chain of IT service providers, IT application providers and IT content providers. By delivering IT services to the customer in the vehicle new business models and revenue streams can be realized."

The workshop will represent the right mixture of IT-companies, university representatives, analysts and venture capitalists, to enable participants to identify market opportunities and define the technical requirements to make the "connected vehicle" reality. The "big vision" event is designed to facilitate an exchange of views between experts that leads to a new understanding of what is needed to develop a new technology, a new service and a new market.


CATA is acting as facilitator for the event. Two experts will come from each company, to cover both the technology and business sides. Experts will come from the U.S. from organizations such as:

  • Intel
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Computer Associates
  • Connected Vehicle Trade Association

Canadian expert organizations include:

  • AUTO21
  • Waterloo University
  • Toronto Region Research Alliance
  • Intelligent Mechatronic Systems

Partners for the event include the Government of Canada, Toronto Region Research Alliance, and CATA.

The Value for Canada

"As Canada's champion for high-tech commercialization, CATA is determined that Canadian companies have a leadership role in evolving the new Business Model for the Connected Vehicle," said CATA EVP Barry Gander. "The 'final frontier' of connectivity is the platform used by 600 million people every day: the automobile. At least 40% of the cost of future automobiles will come from the electronic systems; even more value will come from the information services delivered to these vehicles. Canada must be part of the future of the automobile."

For further information about sponsorship or to send background research that might be of value to the workshop participants, please contact:
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