Crowdfunded Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign, now launched: Take a Perk today
September 2, 2015

CATAAlliance MEMO ( Dear Community members

We have launched the Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign designed as a platform to address weaknesses in Canada’s innovation and competitive performance.

A summary of the Campaign, including hot links to important research and advocacy documents is available on our crowdfunding landing page at this URL: Our goal is to cultivate every advantage and eliminate every barrier to competitiveness, in order to realize our mission of moving Canada to 1st place or an A grade in innovation and global competitiveness.

++ Action Item: Please share your ideas and guidance on the Campaign and then take a Perk to support the mission. Take a minute to also visit CATA's Video Sharing Channel for Advocacy Leadership at

Sincerely, John Reid, CATA CEO

Russ Roberts, CATA Sr. VP, Advocacy