Engage with CanWIT Women in Tech: call for partners from the Desk of Emily Boucher, Executive Director, CanWIT
August 22, 2012

Dear members, 


See above for details of an All Star Advisory Council that we (CanWIT) just announced with a mission to champion Mentorship, Diversity & Entrepreneurship for women in tech in Canada.

Can you assist us with by recommending organizations and/or individuals that might have an interest in partnering with us?

You will see, for example, that one of our partners is Startup Canada. Another partner is Springboard Enterprises. Both are two great organizations with supportive mandates. We are also working with some of the major banks and high tech companies who are sponsors. We are now completing some pilot Mentorship videos for sharing experiences, among other initiatives. The more women we can connect to, the more support we can offer.

++ Action Requested: Please do tell your friends and colleagues, both men and women, to get involved in CanWIT! And contact me, if you have an interest in CanWIT.

Thank  you for your help in advancing the mission.

Best regards,
Emily Boucher
Executive Director, CanWIT