Why Mentorship Matters: Melanie Ta, Director Cloud Business Development, Cisco Systems
August 18, 2015

Mentors and role models are often critical to a woman’s decision to enter the technology sector. A mentor's input and guidance can help build the necessary skills and confidence a young woman needs to advance in her career. One international study found that 80% of successful women had been mentored throughout their careers, usually by more than one person.

Why Mentorship Matters

Canadian women represent almost half of the overall Canadian workforce, yet:
They make up only 25% of the Canadian advanced technology workforce;
An even smaller percentage of women in the tech sector are managers;

52% of highly qualified females working in science, engineering and technology companies will quit their jobs within the first 10 years of their career;

38% of women hold leadership roles in Canada, yet only 16% hold leadership roles in the corporate sector (compared with 59% in the education sector and 37% in government agencies);

37% of Boards of Directors and 17% of Senior Management Teams have no female representation in the corporate sector to guide Canada's future generation of women in technology.

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