Sustainable IT
August 18, 2011

Sustainable IT
Oct. 3-4, Hart House, U of T

Information technology is one of the primary consumers of electricity in public and private sector organizations, accounting for as much as 5% of global power and emitting a comparable proportion of global carbon emissions.

However, responsible IT management and the intelligent application of information technology in business activities could reduce global carbon emissions by 15%. These practices are collectively known as sustainable IT. Executives and management in the 21st century will require an understanding of sustainable IT practices to reduce both their carbon footprint and overall operating costs.

The Centre for Environment, University of Toronto, in partnership with IT in Canada (publisher of the Sustainability Platform website), is presenting Sustainable IT, a 2-day workshop to provide both IT and business managers with the tools to plan and implement a decisive sustainable IT strategy.

Topics include:
  • IT power management
  • How IT & facilities can work together on sustainability
  • Reducing travel costs and carbon emissions with IT
  • Environmentally-responsible approaches to printing
  • E-waste management: best practices and compliance
For more information or to register, visit:

Oct. 3-4, Hart House, U of T
Workshop Rate:$1499 plus HST with a 20% early bird discount until Sept. 9th