RE$EARCH MONEY & CATAAlliance launch joint venture to shape the future of innovation and job growth in Canada
August 14, 2014

OttawaRE$EARCH MONEY, Canada’s leading science, technology and innovation policy publication, and CATAAlliance, Canada's largest high-tech trade association, have joined forces to kick start a national conversation on the future direction of innovation, entrepreneurship and business growth in Canada.

Canada’s productivity lags behind that of many other nations and much has been proposed to reverse this trend. With a focus on turning talk into action, RE$EARCH MONEY and CATAAlliance are launching a six-month national conversation and Campaign involving community leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Our goal: to see concrete policies for innovation and company growth included in the election platforms of every major federal political party.

 “CATAAlliance has been an active participant in the formation and delivery of government framework tax policies, regulations and activities, critical to the success of Canada's innovation industries,” noted CATAAlliance CEO, John Reid “We are now combining forces with RE$EARCH MONEY to reach out for community corporate guidance, engagement and participation in advancing clear and accurate calls for action to advance Canada as a competitive innovation nation.”

“We’re delighted to partner with CATAAlliance in moving Canada’s innovation agenda forward,” said RE$EARCH MONEY publisher, Jeffrey Crelinsten. “For over a decade our conferences have been bringing government policy makers and program managers together with industry leaders and academics around key issues of importance to Canada’s economic growth and quality of life. And yet systemic problems persist that are holding Canada back, despite significant government investments in R&D. It’s time for an innovative approach to bring the voice of Canada’s entrepreneurs, business leaders, our government representatives and community leaders into one conversation to achieve our goal.”

The two organizations will combine their substantial social media, communications and event logistic capabilities along with their extensive industry, research, and government connections to shape an innovative six-month outreach program. The program will engage federal political parties, MPs, media and other major influencers through video interviews, roundtables, and other conversation tools designed to connect them to the voices of community leaders in the public and private sector.

Major themes (with recommendations) will be sought on how to:

  • foster the creation, retention and growth of intellectual property in commercial areas where protection for significant periods of time is needed to get an adequate return on investment.
  • create a regulatory climate that encourages innovation; one in which Canadians lead as value creators, innovators and adapters of next generation technologies;
  • promote trade relations that encourage Canadian firms to engage and succeed globally, and
  • support a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in postsecondary research institutions that equips students and faculty with the experience and skills to help Canadian firms succeed globally.

Full details of the RE$EARCH MONEY and CATAAlliance initiative will be presented at an on-line news conference in early September.

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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is the largest high-tech association in Canada. Through its "Innovation Nation" advocacy program, CATA is the foundation for commercialization, market research, networking, events, access to other associations, and professional development, across the nation.   For further information visit

For more information contact:

Jeffrey Crelinsten
Publisher, Research Money
416-481-7070, ext. 26

John Reid
CEO, CATAAlliance