Important Shared Services Canada (SSC) Update and Call to Action
August 13, 2012

++ Important Shared Services Canada (SSC) Update: Please review the SSC Consultation Update provided in Mr. Wescott’s letter to CATAAlliance. Your action items are to provide us with guidance/counsel for the preparatory meeting in support of the launch of the Information Infrastructure Roundtable (ITIR) and confirm any interest you may have in associated Advisory Committees that will be formed.

Executives who wish to receive a summary of previous consultations, now finalized, and a separate Moving Forward brief should send an email request to 

Summary of August 9th letter to CATA CEO, John Reid 

On behalf of Liseanne Forand, President of Shared Services Canada (SSC), I would like to inform you that SSC will launch the first Information Technology Infrastructure Roundtable (ITIR) in fall 2012. The purpose of the Roundtable is to engage the information and communications technology (ICT) sector and supporting Advisory Committees in a substantive and sustainable dialogue. In preparation for the event, I am inviting you to a meeting in August (August 20th) to discuss the launch.

SSC is pleased to provide you with the final summary of the discussions that took place during the previous consultations…as well as the Department’s plan for moving forward.

The ITIR is intended to provide a forum to discuss the Government of Canada’s long term IT transformation agenda; emerging technologies in the marketplace and first use technologies; to provide progress reports on other key initiatives with the Government; and, to identify future directions for innovation. The supporting Advisory Committees will inform the Roundtable and provide advice to SSC on key priority areas identified through consultations…


Grant Westcott, COO
Shared Services Canada