CATA Cyber Council invites you to share your biggest cyber security concerns
August 12, 2015

Toronto, ON – The CATA Cyber Council, a collaboration between public and private sector industry leaders is planning a one day forum bringing together industry leaders to discuss strategies, solutions and public-private sector collaboration needed to help Canadian organizations defend against the increasing threats of cyber attacks.

"In order to ensure that we are addressing the issues and challenges most prevalent to Canadian organizations today, we felt we needed to hear from these organizations firsthand" says Katherine Thompson, Chair of CATAAlliance's Cyber Council. The council will use the data gathered from the survey to develop the content and criteria for the upcoming forum which will be announced later this year.

"The forum will bring together business, government, academia and law enforcement and will propose practical and concrete solutions to cyber threats and problems – from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Given that cyber threats are growing in frequency, intensity and sophistication, there is a real need for all stakeholders to come together to develop an effective response." says Imran Ahmad, Cybersecurity Lawyer with Cassels Brock and CATA Cyber Council member.

If you are interested in participating in the survey or have further questions on how you can become involved in the upcoming forum, please contact Katherine Thompson -