i-Canada Update: Mike Pascoe, President & CEO, Magor Communications connects with i-Canada, Chair, William Hutchison, Chair of Waterfront Toronto's i-Waterfront Advisory Council and Executive Director, Intelligent Communities
August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Executives issue a call for participation in i-Canada: telecollaboration technology provides insight into future eco systems

i-Canada Please view this video of Magor, President & CEO, Mike Pascoe, and i-Canada Chair, Bill Hutchson, as they demonstrate the power and practicality of a telecollaboration. They discuss (Ottawa-Toronto) the mega-revitalization project called "Toronto Waterfront" with a forecast infrastructure investment of $34-billion. I-Canada is then presented as the engine to create a cross a Canada collaborative eco-system, an eco system where intelligent communities will proliferate.

The vision for i-Canada is a nation of provincial and local Intelligent Communities large and small, urban and remote featuring great places to live with innovation cultures and communications infrastructures that ensure economic growth, satisfying employment and social prosperity. In the future i-Canada's Intelligent Communities will have blended our traditional values with the best new applications of 21st century digital technology to create new models for effective health care, ageing well and world class education and learning.

This project represents significant supplier opportunities for technologies, services and integrators. If you have business interests, then please contact jreid@cata.ca.

++ Action Requested:

Please join the conversation on the i-Canada Forum, a social media venue set up to facilitate information exchange and networking of like minded individuals, concerned with the future of Canada. Your active link is at this URL:

Ps "Ultra Broadband” for Google-speed cities: New Technology Opportunities in Telecommunications, Health Care, Energy Conservation, Education and Services - Recording & Briefing Materials Now Available.