SSC (Shared Services Canada) Updated Roadmap now available: CATAAlliance advocacy
August 8, 2013

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Dear members

As you are aware, CATAAlliance has an active G Cloud First Advocacy Campaign underway that draws on best practice models such as the UK’s G-Cloud for Government, a marketplace model based on supplier certification that levels the playing field for all suppliers.

We are also making key documents available to interested parties.

Please contact the undersigned if you would like a copy of Shared Services Canada updated 46 page Roadmap plan for SSC’s implementation of Cloud Computing.

Noteworthy in the Roadmap is the role ICAM (Identity and Credential Access Management) will play in SSC architecture, including ‘Certified and Accredited infrastructure’.

If you have supplier/procurement issues to raise then please do so and our team will help advance to seek adoption or resolution.

Best regards for the summer,

John Reid, CATA CEO
John Cousens, SSC Forum Lead 
Posted By John Reid