CanWIT’s (Women in Tech) New Organizational Structure: Please confirm your interest in becoming a HUB Champion to advance career mentorship and diversity
August 14, 2015

CanWIT (Women in Tech) HUB network

CanWIT is rolling out a new organizational structure of mini HUBS or small teams of women executives (in public and private sectors organizations, educational bodies, and among entrepreneurs & citizens) who are committed to Mentorship for career development and advocating for Canadian Diversity, both hallmarks of the CanWIT not for profit organization and operating division of CATAAlliance.

The HUBS, modelled after PACS (Political Action Committees) will serve as a grassroots national Canadian network and in simple terms act as the eyes and ears for CanWIT at the local level. HUB groups or small teams will be in communication on an ongoing basis via established Linkedin groups, email exchange and video conferencing. When the opportunity arises there will also be in-person meetings at major events to make decisions and align on action steps.

Thus HUBS will not only engage female leaders in the discussion around mentorship but also create informal group masterminds who share exchange ideas, flag issues and work with CanWIT to take collective action towards a clear vision for change.

Areas of HUB action

  • identifying local events, Award recognition programs and activities for promotional support from the CanWIT marketing team

  • flagging areas of desired advocacy or adding leverage to national advocacy Campaigns regarding issues affecting women in tech career development and diversity

  • providing mentorship support to select individuals in your community and/or network of contacts

HUB members will also utilize the moderated Global social media FORUM (currently with 1200 members) to raise issues, to virtually meet and to exchange views with peers, to advocate for change, and to stay current with new developments.

++ Action Items: Please contact CATA CEO John Reid at to confirm your interest in creating a local HUB as part of a grassroots national network to support career mentorship and organizational diversity in Canada.

Alice Debroy ( & Cathi Malette (, CanWIT Leads