Major Industry Group Answers Ministers’ Call for guidance in building Canada as a global centre for innovation
August 31, 2016


CATA's mission is to move Canada to 1st place or an A grade in Innovation and Competitiveness. We do so under the rubric of the Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign with Core Planks and a Working Agenda for Advocacy Initiatives.

Ottawa, ON...CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group has responded to Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, and Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism call for Innovation leadership guidance with the tabling of a comprehensive set of recommendations to establish Canada as a top ranking competitive innovation nation.

Reid.jpgCATA CEO, John Reid, said, “ We first asked the community to create a set of core public policy planks, and then called on executives across the nation to determine the resources and conditions we need in Canada for growing competitive innovation success.” View Mr. Reid's video interview.
kelly.jpg Micheál J. Kelly, Dean, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, Laurier and CATAAlliance National Spokesperson, added, “ Our big goal is to cultivate every advantage and eliminate every barrier to competitiveness, a goal that is vital to realize the improvements that will let Canada rank amongst the highest performers as an innovation based economy. "

aceto.jpgPeter Aceto, President & CEO, Tangerine, and CATA National Spokesperson, commented, " Innovative businesses are those nimble and courageous enough  to drop old strategies and adopt new ones. There’s no question that innovation can be a real challenge, but without it you will be left behind. If you’re not coming up with the next big thing (or many small things), your competitors are, and faster than you can blink. Canada’s government policies and support programs need to support this dynamic."
wattlingtwitter.jpgDavid Wattling, Vice President & General Manager, TELUS Health’s Enterprise Solution, commented, “ Technology holds the promise to transform healthcare into a truly sustainable patient-centric, community-based delivery system.  Such innovation will require policies that provide reimbursement for health outcomes that will be achieved in partnership with private sector organisations.”

blair.jpgJosh Blair, Executive Vice-President, TELUS Health, President, TELUS Business Solutions West and Chair, TELUS International  and CATA National Spokesperson, commented, " First and foremost, our country’s innovation policies should address the evolving needs of Canadians and keep pace with dynamic changes in technology and global markets. Canada will thrive with policies that propel companies and entrepreneurs to create products and solutions that help advance our society in previously unforeseen ways as well as experiment with different approaches – scaling up initiatives that work well and learning expeditiously from those that don’t.”

Core Planks

Similar to a political party, CATA’s Platform is built from Core Policy Planks linked to Specific Recommendations which will ensure success for Canada in the global economy. Core Planks include:

  • Developing a Competitive Innovation Nation, National Brand for Canada based on Regional Advantages;

  • Creating a new Strategy for industry that perceives and exploits parallel physical, digital and intangible value streams, linked to strategic approaches to the growth of our innovative businesses through effective commercialization of products and services, supply chains, exports, increased international mandates and government procurement;

  • Responding to the Flat World of global competition with the removal of trade barriers, provision of support to equal the playing field for Canadian competitors and investment in the infrastructure needed to preserve and expand market strength;

  • Leveraging the best practice aspects of Canada's SR&ED tax incentive program to create the environment that promotes the commercialization of our innovations and the growth of firms to their full potential;

  • Attracting, retaining and training best talent;

  • Fostering executive leadership, including a commitment to lifetime learning, Mentorship and Diversity;

  • Developing through Mentorship the IT capacity of women and encouraging women to join the technology market and enroll in technology-related studies;

  • Creating best practices for Public Safety and National Security with an eye to protecting privacy, including fostering the growth of the advanced security sector; and,

  • Advancing measures to speed ICT adoption by the public and private sectors, particularly for small to mid sized (SME) businesses.

Competitive Innovation Nation Guidance

Drawing on the counsel of tens of thousands of executives in opt in social networks, advisory board members, including video interview commentary, consultations with subject area experts and research teams, guidance has been set out in 12 thematic areas:

            Making the case for a 3 billion dollar SR&ED tax authority

            Making the case for a Canadian SBIR program

            Adopting an R&D Acceleration Campaign

            Developing better models for government procurement

            Patent Infringement Advocacy Alert

            Establishing Operational Standards for Public Safety Broadband Network Apps

Canada’s global leadership for “Smart-Intelligent Cities”?
John Reid, said, “ We echo the words of Ministers. In an era of fast and profound change,  Canada needs to invest in innovation as the path to inclusive growth. The way forward is to act on a bold new vision: to build Canada as a global centre for innovation.”

He concluded, “ We applaud the government's open, transparent, engaged and tech driven approaches to consultations with citizens.“

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