Inter-Op Canada Announces Reseller Program for its Novel Multimedia Interoperability Solution: Mutualink
July 29, 2011

Montreal, QC - July 29, 2011 - Inter-Op Canada, Inc. today announced the launch of its Value Added Reseller (VAR) program. Inter-Op Canada is currently inviting qualified parties to participate in its resale program and to earn substantial wholesale margins on Mutualink equipment and network services.

Mutualink is a multimedia interoperability solution that provides secure, real-time interoperable radio, telephone, dispatch voice, video, and data communication among public safety agencies. The solution enables broader, community-wide participation with key facilities through an easily installed plug-and-play solution.

As part of this launch, three companies have signed up to resell the Mutualink Solution immediately; Fleetcom, based in Mississauga, ON; Xenium Information Technology Corporation, based in Waterloo, ON; and FutureShield, based in Bolton, ON.

According to Jim Peter Safar, President of Inter-Op Canada, "Our entry of the Mutualink Solution into the Canadian market has been greeted with an overwhelming reception by customers. Consequently, the current demand and enormous potential warrant the implementation of an aggressive reseller program to attract qualified partners to assist in capitalizing on this nationwide opportunity."

Steve Winch, President of Fleetcom, Inc. says, "Mutualink expands the concept of interoperability throughout all key assets of the community, whether it is large or small. It is a scalable and affordable solution for our governmental customers in Ontario."

"We are excited about being one of the first Resellers for Mutualink in Canada. This multimedia application has a virtually unlimited potential with our public safety, university, critical infrastructure and other valued customers," says Cynthia Weeden, President of FutureShield, Inc.

Frank Kuschmierz, CEO of Xenium Information Technology Corporation says, "Inter-Op Canada's Mutualink multimedia interoperability solution is a perfect solution for our large base of municipal government clients in Ontario. We are excited to add this solution to our product portfolio."

Safar emphasizes the strong opportunity for prospective resellers.

"From a reseller perspective, our program and solution offers a great fit for manufacturers, systems integrators, and dealers of two-way radio, video distribution, and alerting related products looking to enhance their public safety communication offerings. We believe our resellers will welcome a robust solution that is easy to install and configure. Mutualink can typically be installed in one day, contributing to its affordability and high customer acceptance. The Mutualink solution is designed for broad community-wide participation, more rapid sales cycles, and additional follow-on sales opportunities, all of which produce high customer satisfaction."

Inter-Op Canada has a broad view of public safety emergency communications and preparedness whereby all critical organizations within communities interact with one another using direct, real-time multimedia communications designed to facilitate a rapid coordinated response.

Parties interested in joining Inter-Op Canada's reseller program should visit for more information.

About Inter-Op Canada Inc.
Inter-Op Canada provides Canadian communities with a new level of interoperable solutions. As the Canadian distributor of the multiple awards-winning Mutualink solution and through its strategic partnerships and alliances, Inter-Op Canada maintains its strategic objectives in line with the Canadian Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness mandates. Inter-Op Canada is the SILVER Sponsor for the 5th Canadian Public Safety Workshop: A CITIG National Forum.

About Mutualink Inc.
Mutualink is an IP-based multimedia interoperable communications company whose solution enables radio, telephone, video and data to be shared on a real-time, dynamic incident basis. Mutualink has gained rapid acceptance because of its ease-of-use, ease-of-deployment, low-cost and full-featured capabilities. The solution enables communities to create a large-scale, real-time interoperable emergency communications network at a reasonable cost while getting best-of-breed features and capabilities.

Mutualink is now being deployed by a consortium of 21 hospitals and health facilities in northern New Jersey as part of its all hazards preparedness initiative bringing the total of area hospitals to 44, connecting them to a growing number of OEMs and numerous first responders as well as other community assets such as malls, transits, colleges and schools and a local stadium. Mutualink has recently completed successful live operational trials in the Afghanistan Theater where Mutualink rapidly established advanced real-time command and control capabilities across joint command elements and across multiple task forces that use disparate field and command communications assets. With Mutualink, warfighters in the field were able to communicate directly with NATO Headquarters, along with regional and area commands while executing missions and sharing operational plans, intelligence data and live surveillance feeds in mission settings.

Additionally, five key law enforcement agencies, including the Pentagon Force Protection Agency utilized Mutualink's platform during the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, providing the agencies with seamless communications interoperability and real time video surveillance sharing during the event.

About Fleetcom Inc.
Fleetcom is a wireless carrier covering the Greater Toronto Area. Their core business is Group Push-to-Talk for businesses that demand efficient radio communication. The Fleetcom digital network is built with Motorola iDEN technology, and provides secure two-way unlimited group communication in a push-to-talk format. In addition, the digital network also provides private push-to-talk, full cellular phone functionality, SMS messaging, PBX connectivity, GPS tracking, and Packet Data. For additional information, please visit Fleetcom's website at

About FutureShield Inc.
FutureShield Inc. was founded in Toronto, ON, Canada in 2005, on the premise that there is a strong need for domain expertise in integrating software solutions for security, emergency management, and critical infrastructure protection. FutureShield combines years of software expertise within a process of: Prepare, Mitigate, Respond, and Recover. They work with their clients to understand where they are within the process and which tools they already have in place. Their consultation services help solve the problem of where to begin, based on each unique customer scenario taking into account potential threats (accidental and intentional) and assets to protect including people, process and property. Once the solution requirements are set, FutureShield organizes vendor presentations from their portfolio of pre- evaluated and approved suppliers. In some cases, a single solution is all that is required and other cases require fully integrated solutions from leading vendors. For additional information, please visit FutureShield's website at

About Xenium Information Technology Corporation
Xenium is a premium provider of IT services focusing on setup and support of networking infrastructure, server installations, and specialized applications. Extensive experience in the most demanding environments include emergency police, fire and ambulance services, manufacturing, as well as law offices and other private and public sector businesses. This has enabled Xenium to complete successful projects where others failed. With projects ranging from small business server implementation and server and server room setup and implementation, to the complete management of IT departments, Xenium has a broad range of experience unmatched by any company this size. For additional information, please visit Xenium's website at