Ottawa Police Cyberattack Debrief - Live Interview with Daniel Steeves, CIO, Ottawa Police Service (Password Access Only)
July 24, 2015

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Daniel Steeves, Chief Information Officer for the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) describes in a 15 minute video briefing the 2014 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack and social engineering tactics taken in attempting to compromise the OPS networks, while further explaining the OPS response and the “three primary lessons” learned.

Mr. Steeves also reflects on what tools, policies, and conversations are required to assist police in addressing cybercrime and which he recommends be addressed at the upcoming National Policing Cybercrime Summit (NCPS).

Key Quotes:

I think the real piece of the conversation has to be at a national level. I think it has to be with our federal counterparts and it has to be with our other police services across Canada so that we address the bad behaviour nationally so that if you know that attacks are coming from certain places consistently, all the time, maybe we need to look at mechanisms whereby we close those types of attacks right at our borders so that we don’t even let it inside the Country to begin with.

From a strategy perspective, (the Summit should be) looking at what types of solutions that we should be putting together as a police service, not just for policing, but for protection for the community. So do we need to have an enhanced capability for example for investigation toolsets that may not exist today? So when someone from your community comes in a reports a cybercrime to your police service how do you investigate that cybercrime and how do you deal with it and bring to a final conclusion.

About Daniel Steeves

Daniel Steeves is an accomplished Senior Executive with 25 years experience leading strategic organizational change by leveraging technology to achieve critical business outcomes. His professional experience spans diverse technical and business settings across both public and private sectors in highly regulated industries such as National Defense, Insurance, Health Care and Public Safety. He has worked with companies such as Siemens, IBM, Microsoft, and SAP in delivering key technologies to address enterprise-level complex business challenges.

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