Talent Acquisition for Business Growth: SITA Teams Up with CATAAlliance to find employment resources with goal to transform air travel through technology
July 20, 2016

jobpostings.jpgCATA Partnered Talent Search

CATAAlliance occupies a unique position in Canada’s technology and innovation communities and industries. Similar to a political party, it has developed a massive crowdsourced outreach across Canada and in Global markets.

While the CATA network has proven invaluable to advancing Canada’s competitive innovation nation, it has also proven useful as a business resource to help companies meet their needs. In this regard, companies can now benefit from CATA Partnered Talent Search as part of attracting key executives to their organizations.

++ Action Item: Read full details and take advantage of this Program at: http://www.cata.ca/Business_Services/talent.html

SITA & CATAAlliance Team Up  http://www.cata.ca/Media_and_Events/Press_Releases/cata_pr07181602.html

Nearly every passenger flight relies on SITA technology. We work with our air transport owners and members to provide technology solutions that make a difference at a community level. We innovate collaboratively, while developing and managing solutions over the world's most extensive network - one that forms the 'communication backbone' of the global air transport industry.

As one of the most internationally diverse companies, we serve over 200 countries and territories and speak over 60 different languages. Our strong local presence - with offices spanning the globe - means our service staff are on the ground and always on hand to lend their support. At SITA, we take diversity and inclusion very seriously. We partner with organizations such as CanWIT along with many others to make sure we are a globally leading company within diversity and inclusion. Our partners include veteran organizations, women, and disability groups along with a host of professional organizations.
WE invite you to apply for immediate consideration.
About CATAAlliance
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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is Canada's One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, crowdsourcing ideas and guidance from thousands of opt in members in moderated social networks in Canada and key global markets. (No Tech Firm Left Behind)

Contact: CATA CEO, John Reid at jreid@cata.ca