Announcement from CanWIT (Women in Tech), a GLOBAL networking Group: new VideoSharing Channel for Mentorship
July 16, 2015

Dear Community members 

Your new Women in Tech Video Sharing Channel for Career Mentorship now includes 43 role model interviews as part of a mission to encourage women to consider careers in ICT and to encourage women already in ICT to stay in the industry and advance their careers. 

Please view the landing page for the new Mentorship Channel at: 

Our call to action is for you to considering adding your Mentorship interview to the Channel as part of a cross Canada sharing of mentorship guidance and insights. Simply contact the undersigned and we will then set up the interview details 

And Bravo to our Channel Crowdfunding supporters (see: who will allow us to exceed the new Channel funding targets because of their generous contributions. That will to the topic of our next Update to a very vibrant and engaged CanWIT community. 


Your CanWIT Leads 
Cathi Malette at 
Alice Debroy at  

Ps: Join the CanWIT (Women in Tech) Social Media Forum Group at: