Moore gets Industry in Harper cabinet shuffle: CATA Speaks Out: Dave Webb For: Computing Canada
July 16, 2013

John Reid, president and CEO of the CATA Alliance, expressed some optimism that Moore could “help advance a file that’s been lagging for years.” Reid called Moore vocal and engaging, and pointed out his activity on a number of standing committees, “which I think bodes well for Industry Canada,” Reid said.

The digital strategy is “a pretty important file, given the wireless discussions we’ve been having,” Reid said. But it has horizontal implications, Reid said, touching the portfolios of health care, public safety, public works and more. Reid said he’d like to see Moore as “an accelerator” for the discussion on innovation and digital performance.

B.C.-born Moore most recently served as Heritage Minister, being appointed in 2008, and briefly added the interim Aboriginal Affairs title earlier this year. A former broadcaster and talk show host on a Prince George, B.C., radio station, Moore is articulate and could bring more Canadians into the innovation discussion, Reid said.

One thing Reid said CATA would like to see “underlined 10 times” is a cloud-first approach to shared services in government at all levels.

“You have to understand, beyond the vertical … we can get a lot better value for our tax dollars” with a cloud-first approach, Reid said. The federal bureaucracy has been “less than insightful” regarding the potential of cloud models. CATA had been working with Paradis’s staff on the issue, and while the organization might have to do some spadework over again, it’s an opportunity to highlight its significance, Reid said.

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