Canadian Women in Technology: Call for Recommendations on Additional New Services
July 18, 2012


Date: July 19, 2012

Attn: Women in Technology Community Executives
Re:  Call for recommendations on new services for CanWIT members & Notice of New
       Benefit for all Women in Tech executives with CATA Talent Connect

Dear Community Members,

We wanted to make sure that  you were aware of the latest executive advantage provided through CATAAlliance and to also ask you to review our current CanWIT Services & Benefits offerings with a view to recommending new member benefits. Please drop me a line with your ideas.  I will be in New York next week at Springboard Enterprises, working with their team to bring new events to Canada as part of expanding our North American reach for growth capital, peer networks and mentorship. 

Read about Talent Connect

As a result of the newly created partnership between CATAAlliance and Zylog Canada, you now have the ability to connect on our dedicated Job Board (CATA Talent Connect) for recruitment and employment opportunities.

Take a minute to read the launch media release at: 

Note that Talent Connect Job Board is integrated with a number of platforms to add to the number of job postings being offered. 

Read About Our Social Media Networks

We also encourage you to join our various LinkedIn social media networks. For executives who wish to be part of the combined CanWIT and CATA network (5000 members) please go to this URL:  

That puts you first in line for updates and peer connections.

Yours truly,

Emily Boucher

Director of Communications & Diversity
Executive Director, CanWIT 

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