CMC Microsystems & CATAAlliance Align to Support the Creation of a Canadian SBIR Program
July 14, 2016

Ottawa, ON...CMC Microsystems announced today its full support for the creation of a  Canadian SBIR Program  (CSBIR), a CATAAlliance led advocacy Campaign aimed at boosting Canada’s competitive innovation rankings.  

Full details of the proposed new program can be viewed at:

McWalter_04.jpgDr. Ian McWalter, President and CEO of CMC Microsystems

“The CSBIR Program being advocated by CATA can benefit directly from this ‘Made in Canada’ expertise, by providing businesses with affordable early prototypes to demonstrate proof of concept, and to reduce the barriers to scale up by ensuring that the right legal and Intellectual Property frameworks are in place to rapidly commercialize the new products and services. Current funding mechanisms are unable to successfully bridge the gap between University research and commercialization so that a program such as CSBIR is urgently needed.”

“CMC Microsystems fully supports this CATA initiative in all its forms, and believes it can contribute greatly in the area of hardware-based inventions.”

CATA CEO, John Reid, added, “A Canadian SBIR (CSBIR) Program will foster new commercial activity and help produce otherwise absent innovations that benefit society.”

About CMC Microsystems

CMC Microsystems has, over the past 30 years, developed a model of advanced technology access primarily aimed at University researchers in Canada. This access method, which involves partnerships and strategic relationships with more than 90 vendors worldwide meets a broad range of needs for more than 3000 researchers annually, who are engaged with over 500 companies through the National Design Network.

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