The Power of Customer Referrals:
Mitel CEO and CATA Director, Don Smith, speaks out in Support of Public Sector Technology Test Beds
July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009

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    Read: High-Tech Lobby Group Urges 'Test Beds' with Government CATA proposes test beds in government

CATAAlliance has issued a call for Governments at the federal, provincial and municipal levels to create Technology Test Beds, as a vehicle and incubator to conceive, develop and sustain new solutions for government productivity and to help create reference accounts for Canadian technology companies pursing international markets.

Action Item

Please take four minutes to hear the views of Mitel CEO, Don Smith, on the power of Reference Accounts for international sales.

Reference Accounts for international sales"In sales situations, the big challenge is breaking the barriers of indifference and resistance that separate you from decision-makers at the beginning of the closing cycle. A customer referral catapults you over those barriers, enabling your firm to sell more quickly and more effectively."

Don Smith, CEO Mitel