Competitive innovation nation advocacy campaigns now underway and in development: Take Action Today!
July 11, 2016

alert2.jpgTake Action Today!

++ Action Item: Please review the list of advocacy campaigns now underway and in development with a view to offering your individual and organizational support by contacting CATA CEO, John Reid at who can review support approaches.

All advocacy campaigns are validated by research and feedback from the community at large. Executives should contact CATAAlliance to launch new Campaigns.

Advocacy campaigns now underway:

Making the case for a 3 billion dollar SR&ED tax authority & new incentive models for commercialization

Classification issue regarding veterans on the reserved list

Making the case for a Canadian SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program

Adopting an R&D Acceleration model for government assets

Expanding and improving Crowdfunding in Canada

Patent Box advocacy adoption

Three year work permits for temporary workers

Creating a better model for government procurement

Advocacy Campaigns in development:

E-911, how it works, and how it can be utilized in the current Canadian telecom industry environment

Addressing the risks of compelling innocent Internet intermediaries to assist in enforcing judgments (e.g.,Google v. Equustek) Public safety recommendations for the federal Budget consultations Making the Case for Autonomous Vehicles

John Reid.jpgListen to CATA CEO, John Reid, as he recognizes the leaders of CATA’s Competitive Innovation Nation Advocacy Campaigns.

Key advocacy areas included: government procurement, Reverse Auctions, SBIR, SR&ED, Patent Box, Cloud First for Canada, SME Test Beds, Commercialization, High Performance Computing, Certificate 116, Crowdfunding, Stock Options, federal Innovation mandate, 3 Year Work Permits, Intellectual Property Ownership, and Broadband for Public Safety.

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