Why You Should be Excited about Future Tech: TechNOW with Xerox, VP, Charles Brooks
July 9, 2014

TechNOW -- with Charles Brooks, VP, Department Homeland Security at Xerox... youtu.be

CATA CEO, John Reid, interviews Mr. Brooks on "Why You Should be Excited about Future Tech". Key topics: The digital age and the Internet of Things; Health & Medicine; and, Manufacturing. 


Charles (Chuck) Brooks serves as Vice President/Client Executive for DHS at Xerox. Xerox has $22 B in annual revenues and serves clients in 160 countries. He served as Vice President for R & D at Rapiscan Systems specializing in CBRNE technologies. Chuck served as the Vice President for Government Affairs at SRA and was part of Executive Leadership reporting directly to the CEO. Chuck served as the first Director of Legislative Affairs for the Science & Technology Directorate at DHS where he was responsible for advocacy for the Directorate with Capitol Hill. Chuck was an Adjunct Faculty Member at Johns Hopkins University. He also spent 6 years on Capitol Hill as a Senior Advisor to the late Senator Arlen Specter where he covered national security, defense, foreign affairs, and technology issues.

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