Smart Communities – The Grand-Challenge Project to Launch the Digital Economy: A Submission to Industry Canada’s Digital Economy Strategy Consultation: By The ICT Consortium
July 9, 2010

To jump start the launch of the digital economy in Canada, we believe that a grand-challenge project is required to which the country can become dedicated. We believe that Smart Communities – communities that are instrumented, integrated, and intelligent – is the grand-challenge project that we should adopt. Smart Communities would provide the focus to put the development of the digital economy in Canada on fast track.

As a consortium of private, publicly traded, and not-for-profit organizations deeply concerned about the state and future of ICT innovation in Canada including software, services, hardware and the electronics capacity that underpins that hardware, we welcome the opportunity to comment on the government’s Consultation paper on a Digital Economy Strategy for Canada. While the digital economy will be about a great deal more than ICT and electronics, those industries represent foundational sets of technologies and skills that will be essential to innovation, productivity, infrastructure, digital skills, and success in international markets that will allow for a flourishing digital economy. At the same time a flourishing digital economy will do much to preserve ICT innovation and electronics capacity in Canada - a capacity that is rapidly diminishing and about which action is required.

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