Public Safety and Security Opportunities
July 09, 2007


Date: July 9, 2007

Attn: Advanced Security Enterprises
Re: Public Safety and Security Opportunities


CATAAlliance is expanding its support and promotion of the advanced security industry in Canada and the role of technology companies in supporting security initiatives, referred to as Public Safety and Security. It is integral to CATA’s Innovation Nation Campaign, led by our Governing Council.

Members can access market research that provides important business guidance. For example, in the report entitled “First Responders Operating on Different Frequencies: Research Provides Important Insights “ interoperability of communication technologies between First Responders - especially among those in the same community - was identified as a primary concern for Canadian first responders. The Executive summary of this Report is currently available, and the final report due this month. We are expanding this research activity and will issue updates shortly.

To assist members reach export opportunities, we have aligned with FirstLink to facilitate business development with U.S. agencies, research laboratories and the manufacturing sector. Several companies have already responded to our communiqué: FirstLink Seeks First Responder Technology Collaborations (U.S. Market Opportunities) and we are pleased to announce a first success. Madesco Technologies has been accepted into the coveted Department of Defense "FirstLink" program. Please review the FirstLink communiqué to benefit.

Further in the area of export opportunity, we are pleased to inform you that sealed tenders are invited for the Provision of Services to conduct Business Process Reengineering/Feasibility Study on the Redevelopment of the Communal Information System of the Hong Kong Police Force. Please contact for follow up details.

As part of extending our outreach, we will be housing the Security Communities Canada database as part of CATA’s outreach program. This ties into the development of a supply chain Hub (modeled after our Red Cross project ) that identifies and actively promotes industry and service capabilities within the First Responder and Advanced Security Sectors.

Companies and organizations with business interests in this sector should contact the undersigned to discuss how best to get involved.

Yours sincerely

John Reid, President