Federal Pre Budget Recommendations: Public Policy to Advance Shared Public Safety Priorities
July 8, 2016

publicpolicy.jpg Public Policy for Shared Public Safety Priorities

In recent discussions with CATAAlliance advisory bodies (e.g., the Public Safety Advisory Board, the Cybercrime Advisory Council, and the Cybersecurity Advisory Council) members have called for our team to develop a formal submission to the 2017 federal Pre-Budget Consultation addressing collectively shared public safety priorities.

Please review and respond to the Call to Action below, that includes links to more information on the consultation as well as to the submissions made to the 2016 consultation: the latter offered as potential templates to borrow and/or means by which to present our ideas.
Send your Guidance to Kevin Wennekes at kwennekes@cata.ca

++ Call to Action: Please provide your top 1 or 2 recommended public safety priorities or strategies for inclusion in the pre-budget consultation document

Where possible, provide information relevant to the Government's recommendations:

  • What federal measures would help Canadians generally – and such specific groups as the unemployed, Indigenous peoples, those with a disability and seniors – maximize, in the manner of their choosing, their contributions to the country’s economic growth? For example, what measures in relation to education and training, labour mobility, workplace accommodation, labour market information and personal taxes would be most helpful in supporting the country’s economic growth?

  • What federal actions would assist Canada’s businesses – in all regions and sectors – meet their expansion, innovation and prosperity goals, and thereby contribute to economic growth in the country? For example, what actions in relation to support for entrepreneurs, internal and international trade and investment, regional development agencies, taxation and business financing would help businesses maximize their contribution to Canada’s economic growth?

  • What federal measures would ensure that urban, rural and remote communities throughout Canada enable residents to make their desired contribution to the country’s economic growth and businesses to expand, prosper and serve domestic and international customers in order to contribute to growth? For example, what measures in relation to broadband and other types of infrastructure, arts, recreation, tourism and climate change adaptation would help communities to support residents and businesses as they seek to take advantage of opportunities and contribute to the nation’s economic growth?

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