CanWIT Mentorship and Diversity Crowdfunding Campaign Request for Support letter
July 7, 2015

Hi (add your prospect)

“One international study found that 80% of successful women had been mentored throughout their careers, usually by more than one person”

Please go to the Crowdfunding landing page above and Select a Perk (right hand side menu) to add your community support to advancing the Women in Tech Mentorship and Diversity Campaign.

Embedded in the Crowdfunding landing page is a 1m43 second video, and related description on the why’s, benefits and deliverables of the Campaign. You can also review the Media release directly from the description text headline for additional details.

Thank you for your community citizenship. It’s a very important cause. I am already a supporter.


Your name


Ps View our interview with Women in Tech Spokesperson, Cindy Gordon, CEO at Salechoice Inc. at