A special request to support Mentorship & Diversity: Crowdfunding Campaign
July 7, 2015

Dear community members 

As you are aware, CATA is one of the key advocates for the adoption of crowdfunding in Canada. We continue to work diligently for provincial legislative adoption, as part of a comprehensive advocacy program for the industry. 

We are now turning to a Crowdfunding Campaign to support the social cause of Mentorship and Diversity. You can find the background and funding “perks’ options at this URL: http://igg.me/at/canwitmentorship

Our ask is a simple one; please pick one of the Perks and thus show your support for Mentorship and Diversity goals. Then using the tools provided on the site, post to your social networks as part of boosting the awareness of the importance of Mentorship and Diversity to the growth of Canada's economy. 

Our team thanks you for your support as we continue to help advance advocacy programs on your behalf to achieve Canada’s competitive innovation nation. 


CATA's Advocacy Team