New Crowdfunding Campaign Creates Women in Tech Video Sharing Channel for Career Mentorship & Diversity: Call for community Crowdfunding support (now open for contributions)
July 7, 2015

++ Action Item: Please review the communique below and then make a contribution to the CanWIT Mentorship Channel Crowdfunding Campaign at followed by using the Call to Action letter provided to reach out to social networks to attract further support for the cause.

Ottawa, ON...CanWIT (Women in Tech) a division of CATAAlliance launched its Career Mentorship and Diversity Crowdfunding Campaign today to expand its Mentorship Video Channel that will offer role model interviews to encourage women to consider careers in ICT and to encourage women already in ICT to stay in the industry and find a career path that is satisfying and enjoyable.

For full details and to make a contribution please go to the Crowdfunding landing page:

A Call to Action letter with support materials for social networks and colleagues is also provided at:

Dr. Cindy Gordon, National Spokesperson for CanWIT, CATAAlliance Leadership Council member and CEO, Saleschoice Inc, a SaaS Predictive Analytics Company, said, “Mentors and role models are critical to a woman’s decision to enter the technology sector - but even more critical to keep them inspired to sustain a career in Tech. A mentor's input and guidance can help build the necessary leadership skills and strengthen the confidence that a young woman needs to advance in her career.”

Why Mentorship Matters

  • Canadian women represent almost half of the overall Canadian workforce, yet: They make up only 25% of the Canadian advanced technology workforce;

  • An even smaller percentage of women in the tech sector are managers; 52% of highly qualified females working in science, engineering and technology companies  will quit their jobs within the first 10 years of their career;

  • 38% of women hold leadership roles in Canada, yet only 16% hold leadership roles in the corporate sector (compared with 59% in the education sector and 37% in government agencies); and,

  • 37% of Boards of Directors and 17% of Senior Management Teams have no female representation in the corporate sector to guide Canada's future generation of women in technology.

Andrea Johnson, also a CanWIT National Spokesperson and Partner at Dentons, concluded, “One international study found that 80% of successful women had been mentored throughout their careers, usually by more than one person. Our New Mentorship Channel aims to prove that mentorship makes a difference.”

++ Action Item: CanWIT, as a not for profit association, works tirelessly to encourage more women to pursue successful careers in their different technology fields, by connecting them with the networks, support and knowledge they need to excel! Please support the Campaign and also opt in to the CanWIT On-Line Forum (1200 members) at:


John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance