Opt-in to CATA's Communities to Advance Shared Interests
July 7, 2014

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  • Group: Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA)
  • Subject: Opt-in to CATA's Communities to Advance Shared Interests

Dear Community executives

Please reach out today to your team members and closest peers with the request to opt-in to one (or more) of the fully moderated social media Communities that CATA has created to advance shared interests.

Here is the URL which lists these opt-in Groups, (e.g., Heathcare, Public Safety, Broadband, Intelligent Communities, Tax & Finance, Shared Services, ISPs, Machine to Machine etc.):


You will see that our Core Social Media Group has 10 thousand executives who now benefit from peer networking and information sharing.

If there is any issue(s) or concern(s) that CATA can assist you with, then please let us know and we will mobilize to resolve them.

On behalf of the CATA National Leadership Council

John Reid, CATA CEO