First Directory and Study on the Content and Application Mobile Industry in Canada
July 07, 2006

CATAAlliance would like you to participate in the online questionnaire on mobile services in Canada. This is part of our effort in producing the first directory and study on the content and application mobile industry in Canada. The goal of this project is to raise awareness of this important economic sector on the Canadian and foreign markets.

By answering the questions posed by their researchers, you will help us build a profile of this important industrial sector. In return for your collaboration, we will send you the main points of the study by e-mail and you will receive a 20% discount on the price of the study.

The notion of mobile services includes software designed to process computer data (compression, routing, etc.), format mini-interfaces, and manage invoicing systems. The services may be delivered directly online (networks, cell phones, Wi-Fi access, satellite, etc.) or indirectly (synchronization with a computer connected to the Internet). It excludes activities involved with manufacturing mobile terminals and operation of wireless networks.

This study is being conducted by the CATAAlliance with analysts from the e-Content Institute and ScienceTech Communications.

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Thank you in advance.

Barry Gander and Jean-Guy Rens