One Million Acts of Innovation by CIOs
July 6, 2010

July 5, 2010

Innovation Leadership: What are the challenges and risks facing CIOs? Who's making a difference and how? What are the best practices?

July 8th -- An exclusive invitation from Tridel, IT in Canada, CATAAlliance, and The Access Group:
It is time for CIOs to take action.
  • Action to increase the innovation in Canadian companies.
  • Action to work as a group to advance our careers and profession.
  • Action that will enable us to write better business plans, communicate effectively with the board, business units and help implement innovation across the organization.
Don't miss this rare opportunity to participate in the creation of a new innovation and professional development program.

Joining together, we will create a strong network that will support us in our careers and solve a very important problem - your company's competiveness.

Please join us for a unique knowledge-sharing and creation symposium exclusively for leading Chief Information Officers.

Event Logistics:
Here are all of the dates for the upcoming CIO roundtables:

July 8th and July 22nd
8:00 am - 10:00 am
Tridel Head Office,
4800 Dufferin Street, Suite #200
Toronto ON

RSVP NOW by sending your contact information to or by calling us at (416) 489-9541.

Background and Full Details:
View the event flyer and IT In Canada

Follow Up roundtables series dates are: June 9th, June 15th, July 8th , July 22nd