New Report: Implementing Accountability in Government
July 06, 2006


Date: July 6, 2006

Subject: New Report -- Implementing 'Accountability' in government
Building structure that is transparent, effective and delivers value

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­CATAAlliance members can now obtain a copy of a Report from our recent Executive Roundtable on “Implementing ‘Accountability’ in Government, ” designed to provide insight into building a government structure that is transparent, effective and delivers value.

The Report is based on the views of a cross section of senior IT executives in federal department and agencies as well as senior high tech executives, and conducted in collaboration with CATAAlliance member company, The Access Group, using their dynamic kitchen table roundtable format.

Rountable Context and Issues:

The Report focuses on the challenges facing most modern democratic governments with respect to building transparent, effective structures, while maintaining accountability.

In order to set the context for discussions, a cross section of attendees were surveyed to identify their key concerns with the new legislation which highlighted the following issues:

  • The need for more clarity on the implications of the accountability act.
  • How does it impact the individual and the overall civil service?
  • Restoration of trust both in both people and processes - Performance Management Agreements (PMA’s).
  • The effect on partnerships, how much analysis and data collection is enough?
  • Are internal and external audits now required?
  • How do we know whether those in audit positions are acting ethically?
  • How to achieve structural alignment with the measures used to assess accountability?
  • There is no perfect system, will increased regulation lead to more or less accountability?

Rex Murphy, Social Commentator, closed the Roundtable on an optimistic note, echoed by many of the panelist and participants, “the current system is not broken, unfortunately the recent scandals confirmed the public’s worst opinions of government” as well as created a demand for greater accountability. What is needed is a re-investment in building the ethos of personal responsibility and accountability as well as improved transparent systems for information collection and analysis to regain the public trust.

We would like to again recognize and thank sponsors and partners, namely, the SAS Institute, Cap Gemini, CGI and the University of Ottawa, School of Management. A special thanks to our facilitator Rick Wolf and Report Writer, John Hogan.

++ Action Item:

In order to obtain the Report on Implementing 'Accountability' in government Building structure that is transparent, effective and delivers value, please verify your membership status and then contact John Reid at to obtain your copy.

The Report will be of particular interest to companies providing services and technologies to governments. Note that there are also opportunities to undertake further Survey work and Research with CATAAlliance making use of our extensive contact databases of government decision makers and research capabilities.