University of Ottawa teams up with CATAAlliance to Accelerate Entrepreneurial Success at the Startup Garage
July 5, 2016


Startup Garage helps local students launch their great ideas and transform them into viable businesses.

Ottawa, ON – The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) has selected the University of Ottawa’s Startup Garage as a partnership focus for its summer 2016 “ Business Acceleration: Customers, Markets, and Media Outreach initiative,“  a welcome infusion of resources made to available student and alumni led startup enterprises. As CATA CEO John Reid states, “Through cooperation, mentorship, and sharing of resources, one plus one often equals three or more. Our big goal is to forge alliances with HUBS across Canada in order to help their startup companies boost competitive edge and marketplace success, and we have the resources to do so”.

CATAAlliance often uses the metaphor of “plug in” to describe their value add to existing startups and leverages the power of networking to connect forward thinking, innovative members with entrepreneurs needing an additional kick – start.

The Startup Garage is an initiative of the University of Ottawa's office of Technology Transfer & Business Enterprise to foster and support student entrepreneurship in the Ottawa area. The program offers youth-led ventures the opportunity to accelerate their business by working full time over the course of three months during the summer. Startup Garage provides each participant company with four essential tools: cash, space, mentorship and support.

Watch a 3 minute video with Kevin Smiley, founder of SuraiTea Inc., a Startup Garage Success Story:


Kevin Smiley is a full-time MBA student at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa and a strong believer in social entrepreneurship. He founded SuraiTea Inc., a social enterprise tea shop which employs mostly Syrian refugees in order to provide them with job opportunities in Canada, all while also raising money for settlement efforts.

According to Greg Richards, MBA Program Director at the Telfer School of Business at the University of Ottawa, “In today's interconnected world strategic alliances are now a fact of life. We see our partnership with CATAAlliance as a building block for our student developed businesses at the Startup Garage, such as SuraiTea Inc., to help them achieve stronger and more effective market presence.”

“ CATAAlliance has experience in working with Canadian technology companies and together, we will be better able to take an in-depth look at what it will take for Canadian companies to compete in the tech industry on a global scale.”

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