Do you consider yourself a stakeholder and interested party in the development of technologies, solutions and policies for addressing cybercrime? If the answer is yes, then contact CATAAlliance today.
June 30, 2014

++ Action Item:  If the answer is yes then please read key considerations below and contact Kevin Wennekes today at  Kevin is advancing this file, which now includes a major Summit for public and private sector leaders who recognize the importance of addressing threat associated with doing business online, the need to understand and educate in order to protect important business, government and consumer data. 

Key Considerations:

The growing threat of cybercrimes is quickly becoming a topic of discussion in boardrooms and in the media. With private sector organizations struggling to keep pace with the growing and imminent threat associated with doing business online, the need to understand and educate is key to protecting important data of our government, our businesses and consumers in Canada.

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA), in response to the calls for actions from its membership and direction of its Public Safety Advisory Boardrecently announced it will be hosting a two-day forum in Ottawa, November 12-13, 2014, to discuss the trends and impacts of online terrorism and what organizations are doing to address these threats both now and in the future. This forum, open to all both members and non-members, will also develop a roadmap for next steps including the formation of a standing council to help both private and public sector organizations keep pace with innovations and intelligence. 

Some Key Topics:

 Cyber security and the role of government

 Global cyber terrorism

 Lessons learned as offered through firsthand perspectives from organizations that have been impacted by a data breach

 Social Engineering in cyber security: the manipulation of people for the purpose of countering set security measures

 Impact of pending government legislation changes both in Canada and globally

 Educating the consumer

 Glamorizing the hacker: exploring the myths of the black hat heroes as promoted through Hollywood, console games, groups such as Anonymous, and mainstream media

 Impacts of cyber security and cyber terrorism in various industries: banking, retail, utilities, telecommunications, among others

All the above is part of a Bear Pit discussion and Roadmap – Developing the action items and then implementing solutions. Be part of it!

++ Action Item: CATA has set up a moderated Social Media Group for Public Safety to help facilitate discussion and peer networking at this URL: