CrossWing, Inc. is Seeking Investment Capital & Strategic Collaborators for Interactive Personal Robotics
June 28, 2014

  • Investment & Collaboration opportunities with CrossWing, Inc.
  • Targeting organizations aligned with CrossWing’s Technology & Solutions Focus
  • For Canadian & U.S. marketplace
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Toronto & Ottawa, June 28, 2014... CrossWing Inc., is Canada's leader in Interactive Personal Robotics.  Founded in 2006 and with 4th generation prototype hardware operating as part of extensive collaborative research projects with smart university teams, CrossWing is actively seeking investment capital to commercially launch its virtualME robot - initially for telepresence use, but the platform will be extended in the near future.

Market Opportunity:

CrossWing's core hardware R&D is complete. Its early entry into the field and fundamental patent applications, uniquely positions the company to commercialize the virtualME platform

What is virtualME?

Today, there exists no ubiquitous, low-cost Interactive Personal Robotics (IPR) platform. Without the motivation of such universal IPR platform, a plethora of capable robotics researchers worldwide do  not focus on end-to-end real-world applications. Where would communication be without the telephone? Information technology without the IBM PC? Or mobile applications without the iPhone?

CrossWing’s virtualME is the missing industry catalyst. It offers a low-cost, modular, mass-marketrobotics platform enabling a rich application and peripheral ecosystem empowering:

• Virtual visits with family & friends – delivering an exciting immersive experience where you are in control of virtualME, your virtual presence

• Virtual trips & exploration – globally connect with remote virtualME robots to go shopping, tour amazing hotels & real estate, explore museums & special places, all at your own pace

• Digital life & friendly assistance – virtualME with you at home is there to help you 24 hours a day – call out, via virtualME, to your friends, family or doctor, lookup your favorite show and ask virtualME to let you know when to watch, change channels, set reminders/alarms, keep an eye on your house and pet while you’re out shopping and receive medication and other notifications while you relax in your favorite chair

• Customization for your specific needs – downloadable ‘apps’ teach virtualME new skills in fields including healthcare, homecare, security & monitoring, guides/wayfinding, education, telecommuting, and more!

Investment Capital & Strategic Collaborator Interests

CrossWing is currently seeking Partner(s) who will engage with CrossWing to quickly take the lead in the trillion dollar emerging robotics market and is specifically seeking:

Retail/OEM Partners - CrossWing offers country/territory/vertical market exclusivities in return for partnership investment or special-access product integration opportunities 

Manufacturing/Distribution Partners - CrossWing will work on an exclusive basis in return for partnership investment or manufacturing joint-venture 

Licensing Partners - CrossWing will work with your team to expeditiously bring virtualME to market, provided CrossWing has special access to future virtualME apps market

Investment Partner - A joint venture or direct investment enabling CrossWing to manufacture and distribute robotic products beginning with virtualME  

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++ Action Item: Please confirm your interests to: Steve Southerland, President & CEO, CrossWing at Email: Steve Sutherland Tel: 416-931-0931

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