Procurement Reform Survey -- Taking the Pulse for Action
June 28, 2007



Date: June 28, 2007

Attn: Government materiel managers, Government Directors/Managers who have procurement requirements and Current and Future Vendors with interests in Professional Services Procurement

++ Action Request
Please complete the Procurement Reform Survey - Taking the Pulse for Action

As part of the Innovation Nation, we are urging the federal government to use Public Sector Procurement in a strategic way, to help create favourable conditions for the growth of the Canadian economy and to take advantage of global value chains.

Our success depends on obtaining feedback on the issues and impact of procurement reform on companies wanting to market to the government.

In this vein, we are launching a Survey on Professional Services Procurement, in order to obtain feedback from our Government of Canada (GoC) clients and then to engage PWGSC, Treasury Board, and Industry Canada in ongoing discussions on procurement reform.  

++ Action Requested

Please take 10 minutes to complete the following Survey. It will be very helpful in providing some data and insight for our ongoing discussions on ways to improve and streamline the procurement process.

We are also asking vendors to forward the Survey for completion to their contact database of Government material managers, Directors/Managers of procurement and colleagues.

Yours sincerely.

Peter Thomas, Senior Advisor, CATAAlliance

Alex Beraskow, Founding Partner, IT/NET &
CATAAlliance, Director