CATAAlliance Executive Briefing July/August, 2007
June 28, 2007

CATAAlliance Executive Briefing July/August, 2007
  1. Innovation Nation: Be Part of It
  2. SR & ED Tax Credits
  3. Export Revenue & Supply Chain Opportunities
  4. VendorACT Campaign on Procurement Reform
  5. Public Safety and Security
  6. Surveys and Research Reports, Gain Competitive Insights
  7. Canada's First Mobile Content Profile
  8. Business Services, Save Money and Add Value
  9. Innovation Awards Gala 2007
  10. CATA WIT (Women in Technology)
  11. CAIP (ISP) Update
  12. Product Showcase, new Canadian Internet Database
  13. Partnered Events
  14. Board of Governors, Expanded Mandate
  15. A Special Welcome to New Members

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Note: Please circulate the CATA Executive Briefing internally. Items are linked to more detailed explanations. We welcome your views and participation in advancing Canada's high tech business growth.


1. Innovation Nation: Be Part of It

Canada’s lack of innovation, a 14th place ranking or a D Grade in Innovation, among the 17 OECD nations, is leading to mediocre socio-economic performance compared to other developed countries (Conference Board of Canada)

"If Canada is to become an Innovation Nation, we've got to do a better job of supporting, growing and retaining our high tech companies and the people that power them." (Terry Matthews, Chair, March Networks, and CATA National Spokesperson)

In many ways CATA is a political party, the party of the Canadian high tech industry. Our Innovation Nation Advocacy platform for 2007 is built from policy planks which will ensure success for Canada in the global economy. These include:

  • Developing a National Brand for Canada based on Regional Advantages;
  • Creating an Industrial Strategy for Canada, linked to strategic approaches to government procurement, commercialization, supply chains, outsourcing, exports, and increased international mandates;
  • Responding to the Flat World of global competition with the removal of trade barriers, provision of support to equal the playing field for Canadian competitors and investment in the infrastructure needed to preserve and expand market strength;
  • Maintaining the best practice aspects of Canada's SR & ED tax incentive program;
  • Attracting, retaining and training best talent;
  • Fostering executive leadership for industry growth, including a commitment to lifetime learning;
  • Developing the IT capacity of women and encouraging women to join the technology market and enroll in technology-related studies;
  • Creating best practices for Public Safety and National Security with an eye to protecting privacy, including fostering the growth of the advanced security sector; and
  • Advancing measures to speed ICT adoption by the public and private sectors, particularly for small to mid sized (SME) businesses.

Many of the above projects and initiatives are already underway and are described in greater detail in our Executive Briefing. We are also actively presenting Innovation Nation to Ministers and their key officials. Our mission is to move Canada from 14th to 1st ranking or an A Grade as we become the Innovation Nation.

Rob Ashe, President & CEO, Cognos Inc., has joined a growing list of business and community leaders, including  Rod Bryden, President & CEO. Plasco Energy Group, Terry Matthews, Chair of March Networks, Lionel Hurtubise, past CEO and Chair, Ericsson Canada Inc., Dennis Melnbardis, Lead Partner, Communications & High Tech, Canadian Practice, Accenture, Micheál J. Kelly, Dean of the School of Management, University of Ottawa, Mike Zafirovski, CEO, Nortel, the Hon. John Manley, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, and Chris Fawcus, President & CEO, Aon Reed Stenhouse, to call for the adoption of the Innovation Nation Platform.

++ Action item
Executives interested in assisting CATA with its Innovation Nation Campaign and/or who have recommendations to add should contact CATA President John Reid at or call 613-236-6550.

2. SR&ED Tax Credits 

CATAAlliance is undertaking consultations and Research that explores the current structure and efficiency of the SR&ED tax credit program, evaluates what issues are important and what changes to consider improving it. We are also obtaining information on how the program can be reshaped to provide SR&ED performers with the most effective and relevant system.

As part of our SR&ED Advocacy several research reports and policy recommendations have been released, based on analysis developed through on-line consultations and Roundtable discussions on how to improve the SR&ED tax credits. These include:
  • 2006 Consultation Report, Improving Canada's Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program
  • Maximizing Canada's Investment in R&D, Opportunities for Improving Canada's SR&ED Tax Credits and Leveraging the Results

A team of CATA members has provided the Minister of Finance and senior officials with options and recommendations for improvements. Specific topics and themes covered included:

  • Refundability: the availability of the "refundable" tax credits to a business in the form of cash refunds;
  • Scope: the range of activities and costs considered eligible in an SR&ED project;
  • Improving the legislation and policies, and associated administrative practices of the CRA;
  • Interpretive issues related to the complexity of the legislation and associated policies;
  • Technical analysis on what other countries are doing with tax credits for R&D.

In response to industry concerns, the Minister of Finance did commit in his Budget to "identify opportunities to improve the SR&ED program including its administration."  Please provide your input to  SR&ED Survey - Taking the Pulse for Administrative Action

The CRA has also committed to working with CATA in problem solving focus groups that address any problems identified by the SR&ED Survey.

++ Action Item:
Executives with an interest in participating in CATA's SR&ED Advocacy and/or have specific issues they would like raised, should contact Russ Roberts, CATA's Senior Tax Director at

Please sign the SRED Petition to the Minister of Finance today and join with us in advancing the Campaign for adoption of the industry's recommendations.

3. Export Revenue & Supply Chain Opportunities

CATA is aggressively expanding the opportunities for Canadian companies overseas:

  • To help surface American opportunities, CATA met with a dozen of Canada's trade commissioners representing offices through the U.S., and obtained their pledge to send deals to CATA for distribution.
  • The Commonwealth Advantage  continues to surface opportunities in 53 of the fastest-growing countries in the world.
  • We are using technology in world-first ways, to hold global webinars that will unite businesses in deal-making alliances. The first global webinar called "Common Pulse", tied healthcare experts in Toronto, Delhi and Karachi together, for access to the billon-person Indian market and the Muslim countries. For further information contact CATA EVP Barry Gander.

In addition to CATA's political work to support industry growth, we are matchmaking company/organization capabilities and interests to prospective customers, collaborators and suppliers.

These collaboration and partnership opportunities remain open for members:

Procurement Portal for Minority and Aboriginal Business Owners, a new Supply Chain to educate, inform and create dialogue related to the challenges and opportunities facing minority business owners today. Goals include: linking Aboriginal and minority suppliers to purchasing opportunities with corporate, industry and government partners; providing a platform for suppliers to market their products/services; and, facilitating access to business learning through training modules and toolkits

Part of the export and supply chain expansion involves the inclusion of key international organizations and decision makers into our outreach to customers, suppliers, investors, and media.

-- International Governing Council: CATA's new Panel of International Advisors guide matchmaking and collaboration programs designed to help members find and connect with global partners, investors and markets.

-- China: China's number one software outsourcing company, Shenyang Neusoft Company Ltd., has signed an exclusive agreement with CATAAlliance for the purposes of mutually beneficial partnerships that expand the business growth of Neusoft in North America, CATAAlliance members in China, and the mutual competitiveness of their client companies in both countries

-- Related to the above is the creation of a Chinese telecom distributor/system integrator database that will be shared with businesses in the Shanghai/Beijing/Shenzhen areas towards promoting potential outsourcing, joint venture, co-development, supply arrangement, and other business partnerships.

-- Japan:  a multi-stage study of the Japanese market, conducted in collaboration with the University of Quebec is now completed and available to CATA members.

Watch for New Export and Collaboration Alerts in the areas of Advanced Security and Public Safety, Health Care Services and Aerospace. You will be notified via email communiqué.

4. VendorACT Campaign on Procurement Reform and Supply Chains

Since 2005, CATAAlliance, has been directing a VendorACT Campaign on behalf of the ICT vendor community to present its issues and concerns on the government-wide review of procurement and shared services initiative. The Campaign has included survey and research work, meetings with vendors, briefings of government and political representatives, media relations and development of communications materials. We are also developing Supply Chain Portals (e.g., Canadian Red Cross) to faciliate the procurement process.

CATA EVP, Barry Gander is leading follow up discussions with senior officials of PWGSC on various dimensions of the Way Forward procurement reform. In December CATA Teams met with senior officials to present industry views on:

  • Supply Chain Approaches and SME's
  • Procurement Reform, including GoC's sourcing strategies
  • Paperwork and Contractual Terms, such as warranties
  • Small Business Definitions

Members can access Briefing materials on:

  • Contracting with the Federal Government - A quick Guide: On behalf of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and CATAAlliance we provide Independent Management Consultants (SCIs) with a guide to identifying potential opportunities for contracts and the types of contracting vehicles available to them when doing business with the federal government.
  • The Honourable Michael M Fortier, Minister of PWGSC - GTEC Overview: For the Government of Canada, having an affordable and secure online presence has completely changed the approach for communicating with Canadians and for doing business with them.
  • ITSB Transformation: Progress in the Modernization of the Public Sector - GTEC Overview: What are the benefits of an IT Shared Service? Why are we doing this?
  • Implementing Accountability in Government White Paper: the challenges facing most modern democratic governments with respect to building transparent, effective structures, while maintaining accountability.

Note we are now launching a Survey on Professional Services Procurement, in order to obtain feedback from our Government of Canada (GoC) clients as a basis for provding public policy guidance. 

++ Action Item:
Executives with an interest in joining CATA's VendorACT campaign and thus gaining access to critical research and organizational networks should contact John Reid at

5. Public Safety and Security

CATA has accelerated its advanced security activities to educate organizations about security compliance requirements and standards; contribute to the development of public policy; and, encourage greater awareness of Canada's advanced technology leadership.

Part of the approach involves the mapping of key organizations and decision makers and the profiling of Canadian capabilities to customers, collaborators, suppliers and the trade press and media.

-- First Responder Survey and Research: CATAAlliance and the Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC) have launched another national study to gain greater insight into First Responder's technology, product and research challenges and needs. They are partnering in this study to develop and foster a solid understanding of the challenges addressing Canada's First Responders - the Nation's Police, Fire, Paramedic and Emergency Aid Organizations as they are called upon to deliver emergency response and emergency preparedness solutions.

Now Available:

--  First Responders Operating on Different Frequencies: Research Provides Important Insights Research Results Provide Important Insights

-- Canadian Security Technology Readiness Intelligence Report, designed to serve as a security benchmark tool in order to provide insight and guidance in current Canadian IT security practices and concerns. The project was initiated by CATA member, CMI, who commissioned the research.

-- Canadian Aviation Security: Our Steering Committee is developing the agenda for the 2nd Annual Conference on Aviation Security (for March 2008, involving lead up events), with the goal of bringing together providers, users and suppliers of the aviation security system together with senior policy-makers and regulators to explore the needs of the various users, to look at interoperability issues, and to discuss the evolving risk of future and potential new dangers to the system.

-- Public Policy Consultations: CATA's guidance is based on a position paper entitled, "New National Security Measures Critical to Canada's Economic Growth - CATA calls for better public-private collaboration, analysis centres, compliance assistance and Security Auditor."

++ Action Item:
Executives with an interest in participating in CATA's Public Safety and Security Community and thus gaining access to critical research and organizational networks should contact John Reid at

6. Surveys and Research Reports, Gain Competitive Insights

Members can access original, timely and unique information that helps them to make more informed, fact-based decisions in order to optimize and grow their businesses.

Research Reports are now available on:

++ Action Item:
If you are interested in more information about how CATAResearch can assist your enterprise, please take a few minutes to review CATA Research Services and our Research Advantage and then contact Kevin Wennekes, VP Research, at or by calling 613.769-8614.

7. Canada's First Mobile Content Industry Profile

Sponsored by Desjardins, and supported by well-known business analyst Graham Sibthorpe, the first-ever public study on the Canadian Mobile Content (MoCo) industry is now available. The research team was led by Canadian Telecom expert and CATA VP, Jean-Guy Rens, and focused on the current shift from voice to data and video services in the wireless industry.

Key questions addressed included:

  • Where Canada stands: presentation of the MoCo industry based on a 200+ company database.
  • Is Canada late in MoCo and what are the specifics of Canadian capabilities?
  • Do we have a competitive advantage and if so how to take advantage of it, inclusive of recommended public policy change?

The Study also identifies stakeholders in order to produce an index of both content creators and application developers for the purposes of promoting export, investment, partnerships and media awareness.

++ Action Item:
Executives with an interest in receiving the Mobile Content Research Report should contact Integral to this work our recommendations for public policy changes to support the sector.

8. Business Services, Save Money and Add Value

-- Group Benefits: The combined purchasing power of the CATAAlliance allows us to negotiate Group plans and preferred prices for a wide variety of products and services.

CATAAlliance Group Insurance Services Division recently announced the addition of Industrial Alliance as one of the providers of all Group Insurance Benefits for CATA members. Industrial Alliance has over 1.5 million clients and is one of the 100 largest public companies in Canada.

-- Salary Survey: CATAAlliance has teamed with IT World Canada and CareerDoor Inc. to provide the new 2007 IT Salary Survey and Hiring Manager’s Guide to Canada’s high-tech companies. The second annual Salary Survey is the only all-Canadian compensation survey exclusive to the IT profession completed by IT professionals and their hiring managers. 

++ Action Item:
If you are considering a Group Employee Benefits Plan for your company, or if you currently have a Group Employee Benefits Plan, we will develop and/or review your program and provide a complete proposal. And,  if you require compensation information to attract and retain talent, please contact CATAAlliance President John Reid at to confirm your interest.

9. Innovation Awards Gala 2007

For two decades, the CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Gala Dinner has been celebrating the best in Canadian advanced technology. Our June 19th Gala was a stunning success, helping to reinforce the Innovatioin Nation Platform.

Awards were presented for Pratt & Whitney Canada Outstanding Product Achievement (ICT), Xerox of Canada Outstanding Product Achievement (Nanotechnology), the 3M Company Canada Emerging Technology, High Road Communications Excellence in Science and Technology Reporting, the University of Ottawa, School of Management Private Sector Innovation and/or Leadership in Advanced Technology, the TELUS Public Sector Leadership in Advanced Technology, the ICTC IT Strategic HR Management and the MEDT Sara Kirke Award for Woman Entrepreneurship.

Read about the Award Winners, Canada's Innovation all-stars.

CTV Host, Paul Brent,  led a CEO Keynote Panel at the Gala, comprising, Wayne Purboo, CEO and Founder of QuickPlay Media,  Leila Boujnane , CEO and Co-Founder of Idee Inc., Albert Lai, Founder of MyDesktop sold for $1M plus when he was 16 and Web 2.0 icon, Matt Rapoport, CEO of Allaris and serial entrepreneur, and Terry Matthews, Chairman of March Networks. The audience and the panel were engaged in a discussion of leadership for the Innovation Nation.

++ Take Note:
A special CEO Insight Paper based on interviews with the Keynote Panel will soon be made available to CATA members, courtesy of KPMG.

10. CATA WIT (Women in Technology) Forum

The CATA WIT Forum helps women entrepreneurs advance their careers through mentoring, professional development, networking and advocacy. Our reach is now 3000 women executives, comprising members and future members of the CATA WIT Forum Chapters.

-- Montreal: launch event planned in June, contact for details. 

-- Calgary and Vancouver WIT Forum Chapters: Planning is actively underway for CATA WIT Forum chapters in both Calgary and Vancouver in 2007. Companies and individuals interested in participating in the development and leadership of these chapters are welcome.

++ Action Item:
Companies/organizations interested in playing a lead role in the evolution of WIT should contact Joanne Stanley at

11. CAIP (ISPs)

The Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP) and CATA have combined to expand the industry's Telecom and independent ISP voice. Mr. Jean Guy Rens will become an adjunct to CAIP and assist in addressing ISP issues as well as expanding telecom research and advocacy.

-- A special insurance package is now completed for CAIP ISP members that will provide competitive pricing and coverage tailored to their needs. Communications on the insurance package will be sent out to CAIP members.

-- The CAIP Advisory Board met in December and developed CAIP's future growth strategy.

-- CAIP Issues Update: CAIP continuously monitors important ISP issues and where appropriate actively lobbies on behalf of its members. An update on the status of key issues CAIP is following including SPAM, copyright, lawful access, online child exploitation, privacy and hate and terrorism content is available by contacting CAIP.

-- A one-day CAIP Symposium will be held in 2007 for CAIP ISP members, affiliate members and other ISPs to share best practices and discuss critical issues facing the internet service provider industry in Canada.

-- Project Cleanfeed Canada: On November 22, CAIP participated in an announcement with Canada's largest Internet service providers to join forces with, Canada's child sexual exploitation tipline, to launch a voluntary initiative to help in the battle against online child sexual abuse. Project Cleanfeed Canada is intended to make the Internet safer for Canadians and their families by reducing their chances of accidentally coming across images of child sexual exploitation in the Internet.

++ Action Item
Companies wishing to join CAIP as a member or participate in the CAIP Symposium should contact Joanne Stanley, Vice President, CAIP at

12. Product Showcase, new Canadian Internet Database 

Leading telecom market research and analyst firm Maravedis has introduced its new Canadian Internet Database, called CID. In addition to providing information on Canadian Internet penetration rates by year, region and technology, CID offers the unique capability to access precise information classified by Postal Code, a first in the industry. Of particular interest to Internet Service Providers (ISP) looking to enhance revenues, improve customer loyalty, identify new prospective clients, create new customized service offerings and increase addressable market.

++ Action Item:
Contact Cathi Malette at for information on obtaining the new Canadian Internet Database and to receive preferred member pricing. CATA regularly showcases members' products and services to prospective buyers. For more information, on how your company can participate, please contact us directly.

13. Partnered Events

--GTEC (Government and Technology Week) to Strengthen CIO Leaders in Mentorship Programs
October 15-17 at the Westin Hotel/Congress Centre in Ottawa. CATA, IBM. Alcatel-Lucent and InterGov World are teaming up to offer a CIO Bootcamp.

--Advantage Canada Summit
Developing a National Brand for Canada and Understanding Our Regional Strengths
completed on May 29, 2007 in Ottawa at the Chateau Laurier Hotel. Watch for our
email alert on the Summit proceedings and next steps to roll out across Canada

--Closing the Deal on Manufacturing Markets: Sharing Strengths & Strategies to Sell to Manufactures, join the Access Group and CATA, on Thursday July 12th or Wednesday July 18th in Toronto for a peer-to-peer discussion on how to help Canadian manufacturing organizations better understand their customers, improve innovation and implement lean processes. Please confirm your interest to

14. Board of Governors, Expanded Mandate

CATA's new Governing Council is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and rich expertise in Canada's advanced technology community. Their individual and collective leadership experience and knowledge support CATA's mission through acting as Champions of specific topics, such as, Supply Chain management, Procurement legislation, AceTech, Outsourcing, Talent and Education, SR&ED Tax Credits and International Market development.

The Governing Council also serves as a National Speakers Bureau and Mentorship Network with a two fold goal of strengthening enterprise leadership and advancing CATA's Advocacy platforms through high profile venues.

Recent executive additions to the Governing Council include: Karen Letain, President and co-owner CMI Inc., Dawn Van Dam, President, Health Connexions, Cameron Bramwell, President and CEO Adlib Software, Paul Saunders, President and CEO, Merx, Sandra M. Gonder, Senior Vice President, Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc., Pierre Boucher, Director Research and Innovation , Ericsson Research Canada, Krista LaRiviere, General Manager & Co-Founder, Hot Banana, Ann Mainville-Neeson, Director, Broadcast Regulation, Telus, Paul Kells, O.Ont., M.S.M., Founder and Vice-President, Safe Communities Foundation, Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder, Helix Commerce International, Jim Skippen, President & CEO, Wi-LAN Inc., Kim Devooght, Vice President, Public Sector, IBM, Kevin d'Entremont, Executive Director, GTEC  Paul Day, VP, EDC and Keith Stevens, CEO, Execulink Telcom.

15. A Special Welcome to New Members

We are asking you to demonstrate your interest and corporate leadership by getting involved with CATAAlliance and its mission to promote the growth of advanced technology industries. Many of you are members and we thank you for your support. But, if you have not yet made the commitment, please join with your peers and increase membership support and corporate involvement. Be counted as one of our leaders.

These companies have recently joined CATAAlliance to be able to reap the benefits quickly, simply and first-in-line: Adecco Employment Services Limited, Adlib Software, Allan Vanguard Corporation,  AmikaNow! Corporation, Amon International Consulting Ltd., Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc., AR Challenges Ltd, AirRoamer Inc., Aithent Technologies, BC Institute of Technology, bitHeads, Canada-Arab Business Council,  the Canadian Red Cross, CAPRA International Inc., Casero, Corporate Mentoring Services Inc., Ciel Satellite Group, CSS Inc.,  Ceridian, Channel Management International, Comprehendex Corporation, Curtiss Wright Controls Inc., EDC, Fire Monitoring Technologies International Inc., Foreman Consulting, Flintbox,  Gentec, GlobalTox International, France Telecom, HaiVision Systems Inc., IBM Canada, INSA Integrated Network Security Alliance, IT/Net Consultants Inc., JADE, Raytheon JPS Communications, Kanotech Micro,  Liquid Computing, Maravedis, Medical Intelligence Technologies Inc., Medshare Inc., neuroLanguage Corporation, North Carolina Canadian Office, PAPRICAN, Pathway Group, Partnering and Procurement Inc., Progrid, Salient, Sierra Atlantic Inc., SAS Institute Inc., Sierra Systems, Sophos Inc., Stakeholder Relations Division, SR&ED Directorate, CRA, Summit Insight,  TELUS, T-Stop Vehicle Protection Inc., Trade Merit Corp., Ubiquity Software Corporation, US Army International Technology Centre, U.K. Trade & Investment, Wi-LAN Inc., Workopolis, Versa Systems, YCS.