Linquet Technologies Inc., Seeks Collaboration Partners: Confirm your interest today
June 27, 2014

  • Collaboration opportunities with Liquet Technologies Inc.,
  • Targeting organizations aligned with Linquet’s Technology & Solutions Focus
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Vancouver & Ottawa, June 27, 2014... Linquet (pronounced Link-et) is an Internet of Things company focused on connecting the real objects to the cloud and with the mission of linking everything. Linquet connects, or “linqs,” real objects to the cloud in order to make the world more secure, fun and productive.  Please view a short video about Linquet at:

Linquet is now reaching out to collaborators (e.g., channel partners) to accelerate its growth strategy. The Company is working with CATAAlliance and partners as part of a Canadian and Global outreach program.

Market Opportunity

Internet of Things 101: Never lose any "thing"!

In the U.S. alone more than 160,000 phones are lost/stolen every day! Linquet is the first cloud-based anti-loss solution for phones & valuables (keys, wallet, pet, etc.). Unlike other products which "try" to find things when they're lost, Linquet prevents your things from getting lost in the first place. Simply attach Linquets to your things and link them to your phone via our free app. When the phone or any valuable goes out-of-range BOTH your phone & that valuable will alarm to alert you.

Patent-pending Linquet uploads both time and location to the cloud, enabling you to find your phone and valuables afterwards and provides cloud-based profiles for smart customization. It also has a powerful programmable button which allows users to find their phone (even when it’s on silent) or use it as other cool things like Panic button, Camera controller, etc. The company’s SDK/API and programmable button make it an amazing platform for developers to create apps for.

Its Hardware-as-a-Service business model (only $2.99/mth per Linquet) makes Linquet affordable and aligns with identified customers' interests.

The Future View:

Right now we’re at the infancy of Mobile and the “Internet of Things.” Linquet‘s mission is "Linking Everything" or simply put linking the physical world to the cloud to make the world more productive, and fun.

Linquet ‘s starting point is the niche market of 1.2+ billion Smartphone users (3 Billions in 3 years). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Linquet is an IoT company and by 2020, ‘Internet of Things’ will be a $14.4 Trillion Market. The company sees itself as a pioneer in shaping that future and linking everything.

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Pooya Kazerouni, President & CEO
Linquet Technologies Inc.

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