CATA Membership/Business Growth Agenda Current Status
June 27, 2007


June 27, 2007

CATAAlliance Memorandum

From: Terence H. Matthews, Chairman of Wesley Clover, Mitel and March Networks & National Spokesperson, CATAAlliance

Re: CATA Membership/Business Growth Agenda Current Status: Non member, receiving electronic business updates


On behalf of CATA's Governing Council, we are requesting that your company become a CATA member, and thus engage with us in developing the industry's business growth agenda under a Campaign called, Innovation Nation. Membership forms, including categories of membership (e.g., producers, users, service industries and international), and fee schedules can be reviewed and completed on-line or by calling CATA Headquarters at 613-236-6550.

If you have any question about your membership status please contact John Reid at  for clarification.

The Innovation Nation Campaign is comprised of several related initiatives and projects, such as:

A progress report on the above is presented in our Executive Briefing Note and web site of current news items. I think that you will be pleased with our achievements to date.

With your membership investment, and endorsement, CATA will be able to accelerate its work to strengthen Canada's advanced technology industry. You can engage with us in connecting with your colleagues regarding products and services, and actively help us develop the industry's business growth agenda and Canada as the Innovation Nation.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.