Join CATA's 'Green Light' Campaign Today: Staying in Touch
July 3, 2014

Dear Community member(s);

You now receive emails from CATAAlliance because sometime in the last 10 years you have asked to opt-in to the CATA Communication database using our EMS (Email Marketing Services) or simply put you gave us the Green Light to send you advocacy updates, legislative alerts, educational materials and event notices.

After July 1, 2014, Canada's new anti-spam law (known as CASL) will come into effect and thus we need to ask you again for the Green Light in order to ensure continued or uninterrupted communication with you

A few key points about the CASL law:

  • The Anti-Spam law has been developed to prevent Canadians from receiving malicious or harmful email and content
  • Emails must have a very clear process for opting out (note that we have always had a very clear opt out or unsubscribe)
  • Key provisions of the law are effective July 1, 2014 - albeit with full effects in place within 36 months
  • Small business and not-for-profits may have this grace period to comply

To continue receiving key information from CATAAlliance, please click on the link below. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time in the future if you so choose.

Stay in Touch

As always, your guidance and feedback is valuable to us. If there are any areas of interest you would like to pursue to improve Canada's investment climate, then please feel free to let us know.

We look forward to receiving your Green Light opt-in!

John Reid, CEO CATAAlliance

Ps Interested in the new Anti-Spam (CASL) legislation, then request access to a briefing paper

We have also set up an educational video at :

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