Why is Crowdfunding Strategic to Canada’s Innovation Growth?
June 22, 2012

Join this CATA and Invest Crowdfund Canada’s (ICC) National Webinar Series

First Session: Friday, June 29th at 11:30 a.m. EST. (1 hr) Register today!

Sponsored by:
iCANADA, CATA, Helix Commerce, Fraser Milner Casgrain, IT World Canada, Stellar Learning Strategies

Why is this important?
Canada has been falling behind in innovation. Private equity investment is contracting for small and medium businesses in Canada. With the pace of change in other geographies, Canada risks losing next generation leaders to more supporting funding environments like the USA and the UK, whose governments have legalized investment crowdfunding.

This webinar is happening in the context of momentum building from the JOBS Act in the US. New senate legislation has passed south of the border that is all about jump-starting the growth of Startups through crowdfund investing models.

We need to accelerate growth of startups in Canada.

Advocacy activities
Letter on Crowdfunding to the Honorable Chrstian Paradis, Minister of Industry
Invest Crowdfund Canada, National Campaign
Our Petition

Join us for our inaugural national Webinar series, featuring our kickoff program guests:
  • Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO Helix, Commerce International Inc., Chair Invest Crowdfund Canada (ICC)
  • Andrea Johnson, FMC LAW Partner and ICC VP Law
  • Gary Stairs, CEO Stellar Learning Strategies, ICC VP Strategy
  • Kerry Liu, Canadian Channel Development Strangeloops Networks, ICC VP National (Angels, VCs and Incubators)
  • Andrew Weir, ICC VP Communications, Helix Strategy Consultant
  • John Reid, President & CEO, Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA)
Program Content
  • What is crowdfund investing?
  • What is its value?
  • Why is it important to Canadians and our future?
  • What are the technical issues?
  • What is i-CANADA/CATA doing to help legalize awareness across the country?
  • What efforts are underway across Canada?
  • What are different regions doing across the country to stimulate legislative changes?
  • What lessons have been learned to date?
Those who register will receive hot off the press research on crowdfund investing, state of the nation white paper and technical whitepapers to ensure you have completed crowdfund investing basics

We are also looking for volunteers across the country, if interested contact Andrew@helixcommerce.com to support our communication, education, and startup network programs.

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