CATA Partners with the University of Ottawa Executive MBA Program to Foster Executive Leadership Skills and Community Networking: Nominate Your Candidates Today for The Leadership Forum
June 22, 2008

The Leadership Forum is a series of lectures held over a two-year period and designed to provide a high-level professional development and learning experience for 35 Ottawa area individuals who have been designated as having the potential to become chief executive officers.

For the second year, CATAAlliance will continue its partnership with the University of Ottawa Executive MBA Program in the development and delivery of the Forum, joining sponsors such as Cognos/IBM, Minto Corporation, The Ottawa Business Journal, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Scotiabank.

The Leadership Forum provides an opportunity for a group of elite executives to leverage the talent and experience of the most sought after business minds in Ottawa. Led by the region's highly respected and accomplished business leaders, the interactive sessions of The Leadership Forum will explore complex business issues from diverse and yet complementary perspectives.

Speakers and participants will focus on the subject of Creating a Culture of Innovation from macro and micro perspectives to review the challenges and approaches for both individuals and organizations. Five sessions address:

  • What is a culture of innovation?
  • Looking ahead; New approaches to innovation
  • Cultures of innovation within different industries – A panel
  • Innovation as a leadership strategy
  • Pulling it all together to sustain innovative cultures

Addressing these themes are noteworthy speakers. that include:

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder of Helix Commerce International Inc.
Don Campbell, VP Innovation IBM (Cognos)
Greg Rogers, Executive Vice President, Minto Corporation
Bill Knight, former Commissioner of The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
Don Smith, CEO, Mitel Corporation
Peter Melanson, Senior Vice President, Transaction Mail, Canada Post
Dene Rogers, President, Sears Canada

Applications submitted** will be held up to the rigorous review of The Leadership Forum Selection Committee. The Leadership Forum Selection Committee will accept no more than two participants from any one organization. Applicants that meet the Selection Committee criteria will be subject to an interview.

Action Item: Companies interested in putting forward candidates for The Leadership Forum should contact with Leadership Forum in the Header. The program runs from September 2008 to November 2009.

** The Leadership Forum participant is:
An executive in his/ her mid-career; An officer of a company;i.e. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President Finance, Vice President Human Resources, Chief Technology Officer, Vice President Marketing , Vice President Sales, etc.; and, an individual that would be accepted unanimously by the Selection Committee upon review of the potential participant’s application and an interview.