Nova Scotia Premier, Darrell Dexter, has joined the i-CANADA Council of Governors
June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011

Nova Scotia Premier, Darrell Dexter, has joined the i-CANADA Council of Governors as Champion of ´i-Province Innovation´: Nation wide support continues to expand with Premiers & Mayors

Nova Scotia Premier, Darrell Dexter, has signed on to support i-CANADA as the Champion of i-Province Innovation in i-CANADA's Governing Council, joining his New Brunswick counterpart, Premier David Alward, along with other Provincial Premiers, business leaders, and community stakeholders across the country in developing the "Intelligent Nation." This commitment to boost the Canadian economy through the use of high-speed networking aligns with the Province of Nova Scotia's own goals to ensure the creation of quality jobs and economic growth through its 'jobsHERE' initiative.

"We are pleased to welcome Premier Dexter to our Governing Council. His longstanding dedication to community development and the people of Nova Scotia provide the skills and proven track record to serve both Nova Scotia and Canada in this new role," says Bill Hutchison, Chair of i-CANADA. "In the spirit of i-CANADA, Premier Dexter has also shown leadership and guidance in support of e-Nova Scotia, the province's digital strategy to adopt the internet as a tool of innovation."

Premier Dexter said he is pleased to be part of the Governing Council.

"Like the Government of Nova Scotia, i-CANADA is dedicated to building stronger, healthier communities," said Premier Dexter. "In fact, we have many of the same objectives to make life better for Nova Scotians, and all Canadians, which is why I know that being a part of the Governing Council will be a great fit for our province.

"I want to thank i-CANADA and its members for the opportunity to contribute to this innovative and unique initiative that will help make our province a better place to live, work and raise a family."

The objective of the i-CANADA program is to support at least 30 Canadian communities in competing internationally for the Intelligent Community of the Year Award and other global recognition. i-CANADA's vision of intelligent ultra-broadband communications will accelerate Canada's rate of business and social innovation and the rapid growth of young companies.

“Premier Dexter’s support for the i-CANADA initiative further underscores Atlantic Canada’s commitment to the development of the “Intelligent Nation,” says Peter Lindfield, Regional Director of CATA Atlantic and chair and CEO of the Carlisle Institute. “There is a growing recognition in this region that economic growth increasingly will rely on successfully wielding innovation to drive competitiveness, and the infrastructure support for this begins with the community.”

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