Research Repository and Subscription Service Added to CanWIT benefits: CATAResearch Division allows direct access to strategic information from more than 100 CATA Research reports and surveys
June 25, 2012


Date: June 25, 2012

Attn: Women in Technology Community Executives

Re: New Membership Benefit: Research Repository

Dear Members

We are pleased to announce another business benefit for CanWIT members who will now have complimentary access to the CATAAlliance Research Repository and Subscription Service.

Members can benefit from the advice of experts in more than 100 business areas. You will be able to easily access White Papers, Surveys, MP3 files, Conference materials and related resources relevant to their interests.

Because CATAAlliance is Canada's largest high-tech organization, its research covers applications in almost every sector of the economy, including tax credits, finance, executive leadership, business growth, performance management, green technology, healthcare, innovation, manufacturing, and security.

In today's knowledge-based economy, the need for hard and often instant information is critical to maintaining an organization's competitive edge.

For your complimentary password, simply send an email to my colleague, Cathi Malette at with CanWIT Research Repository in the subject line.

Emily Boucher

Director of Communications & Diversity, CATAAlliance
Executive Director, CanWIT, a division of CATAAlliance

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