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June 20, 2007

Members interested in receiving a copy of a 152 page Wireless Feasibility Study recommending that Tucson solicit proposals to build a citywide WiFi network to provide residents with a lower-cost high-speed Internet option should contact

The City of Tucson, Arizona, ranks third in the United States on the 2006 Digital CitiesSurvey, which examines how city governments are using digital technologies to betterserve their citizens and streamline operations. This notable achievement highlights theemphasis the City of Tucson places on using emerging technologies to communicate withthe residents and businesses of Tucson. To build upon this achievement, the City isresearching methodologies to increase the affordability and availability of connectivityservices for residences and small businesses.

The report evaluates the opportunities to encourage a private sector provider toimplement a City-wide WiFi network to deliver low-cost high-speed Internet access toresidents and business. In addition, this report details the current use of Internet byresidences and business, outlines the existing Internet providers and services, reviewsstrategies to leverage community assets, details a conceptual WiFi design, and describeskey business model elements. It was conducted by the National League of Cities (NLC) and the Center for Digital Government.

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