CATA, i-CANADA Crowdfunding Petition Urgent Call to Action: Sign Up To Allow Canadian Social Media Investing
June 19, 2012

Please read our Petition, and register your support today! 

According to Canada’s largest high-tech organization  -  the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA)  --  a powerful new merger of social media and finance called “Crowdfund Investing” is promising to accelerate innovation around the world. Canada needs to adopt Crowdfund Investing to allow the nation’s emerging, small and medium sized companies to keep up with the pace of change.

i-CANADA, the community-scale movement to create an “Intelligent Nation” in Canada, advises that the small-grain, tightly-focused benefits of Crowdfund Investing suit the ‘Ideas Economy’. 


Now legalized in the US, UK and Australia, Crowdfund Investing has such potential that “we cannot let Canada fall further behind,” says CATA President John Reid. “Crowdfund Investing can help create and sustain new markets, new jobs and connect buyers and sellers in low cost models.

“Innovation is declining in Canada; we need to change more rapidly to become a more intelligent nation. Crowdfund Investing can help make that transformation happen.  Supporting i-CANADA’s Crowdfunding Campaign will directly help you, and the nation.

“We are a volunteer organization, working on Crowdfund Investing because it is the right thing to do for Canada. We are creating tools to drive awareness, such as White Papers, Media Releases, Blogs and Web Sites, and we are working on Advocacy Campaigns.

If you would like to accelerate the arrival of Crowdfund Investing, we would welcome the addition of your strength to our cause. It would help us all, and it would benefit you when Crowdfund Investing becomes legal, by allowing you to position yourself as a pioneer supporter of the program, when you make your own Crowdfund Investing offering. Please Support our Cause!”

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