Zylog Canada now joins CATA in supporting the Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign
June 19, 2012

Zylog Canada is Now a Member of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA)

Zylog Canada now joins CATA in supporting the Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign.

Toronto, Ontario, June 19, 2012 – In its continuous efforts of promoting Canadian economy and community, Zylog Systems (Canada) Ltd has joined the ranks of CATA Alliance members. “CATA’s Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign is designed to boost Canada’s competitiveness and innovation rankings.”1

Zylog Canada is a leading provider of IT and Engineering professional services, human capital resource management applications, and technology solutions with global delivery capability. Zylog Canada is an ISO 9001:2008 leading provider of Onshore, Offshore and Near-shore technology solutions and services to enterprises and technology companies across the globe.

Founded in 1978, CATA’s primary mission has been to promote business infrastructure necessary for success, allowing Canadian companies to focus on the development and advancement of world acclaimed technology products and services.

“One of CATA’s Competitive Innovation Nation objectives is creating 10 domestic companies in the ICT sector with annual revenues exceeding $5B/by the year 2020.”1 Among CATA’s Priorities for Private Sector Actions are: improve foreign market penetration to increase sales and reduce local dependency, increase the currently low level of business R&D expenditures, and improve skills and experience of company management personnel.

About Zylog Systems (Canada) Ltd
In 2010, Zylog acquired Brainhunter, combining the global IT consulting and development capabilities of Zylog with Canada’s premier agency for technical staffing, consulting, and engineering. BrainHunter has been transformed into an online community that uses social media, technology, and personal attention to empower consultants, contractors, full-time and temporary employees to maximize individual achievement and satisfaction.

For more information,
visit and www.Zylog.ca

1: Source: www.cata.ca


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