Public Safety Broadband Test Bed Linking Responders to Innovation - Watch TechNOW Interview with Research Institute Lead
June 18, 2015

++ Action Item: Watch the interview between Kevin Wennekes, CATAAlliance's Chief Business Officer, and University of Regina's Dr. Yasser Morgan, principle investigator for the Bridging Research and Interoperability Collaboration (BRIC) initiative.

As recently announced, the Government of Canada has provided funding of more than $2.3 million for establishing the Public Safety Interoperability Platform (PSIP) at the University of Regina. The PSIP project is part of the University's Bridging Research and Interoperability Collaboration initiative: an advanced technology initiative focused on systematic exploration of the broad range of ever-evolving public safety technologies and practices.

In this interview, viewers will learn more about how the recent funding will be used to connect the SME (Small & Medium-sized Enterprise) and public safety communities by providing a "sand box" environment to test and evaluate their applications, sharing research and knowledge, and showcase innovative products and techniques.

Key Quotes

"In a sense we are trying to connect SMEs to the public safety responders and we are trying to provide the responders a good insight into what each application can provide them."

"We are launching a separate initiative into collecting response from the responders in what exactly they care about in applications... we are trying to put together a survey asking questions on how and what kind of issues they are worried about and we will communicate that with SMEs to bridge this gap between SMEs and responders

"This is an environment where responders can try what they want, SMEs can try what they want, and we sit here in the middle to moderate between the both sides and to try to provide our own experience in how to improve applications and how to make it fit, or best fit, to the responders needs."

Watch the 10-minute video here:

Next Broadcast Date
Join Kevin Wennekes as he interviews Prithu Prakash, Director Business Development, Public Safety & Security for General Dynamics Canada. Mr. Prakash will discuss his personal involvement as Co-Chair on the federal government's Technology Advisory Group for the advancement of the public safety broadband network, as well as General Dynamic's leadership role in the development of the Bridging Research and Interoperability Collaboration initiative.

The interview takes place June 25, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. EST and viewers may tune in to the live broadcast using this link:

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