Venture Capital Trends, Opportunities and Advocacy with Sir Terence Matthews, Chair of Mitel, Wesley Clover and CATA National Spokesperson – Teleforum Recording Available Now!
June 14, 2012

This exclusive CATA teleforum recording provides insight from Sir Terence Matthews who discusses some of the factors affecting Canada's VC scene, proposed measures that would assist in strengthening the sector and areas of global business opportunities. He also provided a review of the mission and mandate of Wesley Clover, a source of business growth resources. 

After years of steady downtrend and a major dip due to the 2008/09 recession, 2011 Canadian VC fund investments in all types of tech companies were up 34% from the 2010 year (just as they were in the U.S.), and the highest since their 2008 crash, at $1.5 B. This has led some to assume that ‘the VC crisis is over’. But unfortunately, that $1.5B compares to just short of $2.1 B in 2007. Venture capital investments in Canada have been dropping since about 2001, so even the already low level of 2007 (compared to earlier years) has not yet been regained.

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